If you roll high gear and nothing less... you're probably giving high consideration to MANHATTAN, New York City -as your NYC Bachelor Party destination, eh?


    Nude Centerfold Strippers in NYC for a Bachelor Party Manhattan -gives wild potential for maximum fun at any hotel, restaurant, bar, or even your apartment in New York City (or New Jersey) you can have a blast at your NYC bachelor party / NJ bachelor party! We give the sexiest, hottest, wildest New York City Strippers bachelor party. Make sure your next Manhattan bachelor party is booked thru us. We cavort at any location, or in an NYC party bus; we'll rock your Manhattan Bachelor Party trip. YOU WILL SEE AND APPROVE PICTURES IN ADVANCE TO BE SURE OF YOUR NYC STRIPPERS.


    We will perform for you at any location, or in a party bus. And btw we have partied successfully in almost every NYC hotel in Manhattan: - Dream | Marriott | Doubletree | Chambers | Intercontinental | London | Affinia | Hilton | Ritz | Waldorf | Yotel | Time | Pennsylvania | Paramount | Empire | Thompson | Novotel | Embassy Suites (And many more…). We are wild enough to thrill, excite and entertain you, yet behaved enough to not get you kicked out LOL! Make sure you determine if the NYC Hotel requires a key card to go up to the rooms because if so girls will have to call you upon arrival so you come to the lobby to fetch. If not no worries we blend with all other Hotel patrons and will smoothly go right up to your room. Please do not mention to hotel staff you will have a bachelor party there but indicate something sly like it may be a poker party and do nto put you next to early-to-bed, sleep hungry senior citizens! You know?


    If you decide to host your NYC Manhattan bachelor party in a private party room in a bar, saloon, club, lounge, or restaurant, please make sure there is a shut door… and/or a curtain.

    If your apartment is the best and most practical choice please make sure you give your doorman a heads up about arriving guests (sexy NYC Strippers coming!) … also provide us the apartment number and your phone contact number. If need be, alert your neighbors to some music volume coming for about a hour or more that nite… bachelor party lap dancing is kind of awkward when we have to play music at elevator volume (takes away from those luscious lap dances! LOL)


    Have you considered a PUB CRAWL - CLUB CRAWL NITE? Ask about it..




    NYC - 917.449.2727


    More Bachelor Parties are done in Manhattan NYC than anywhere in the region. So let's talk about a Bachelor Party in NYC's chief boro, Manhattan. Partying in New York City has many many advantages because if you have members of the bachelor party group coming in from out of town to spend the weekend or even longer, BESIDES the blowout nite of the stripper party itself, there's a variety of things for them to see, do, experience.... from tourist boat day-cruises, sporting events to see, parks, museums, visual attractions of history, famed restaurants, pubs and sports bars, Manhattan Strip Clubs and NYC Manhattan night clubs. Its simply a mega metropolis. If you plan ahead for them you may even get them into the audience of a TV show being taped.... Like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Being the international world class metro New York City is, nobody will have a hard time finding something exciting to do at any moment of whim.


    Manhattan NYC has a vast quantity of excellent of excellent hotels / motels, all themes and price ranges for your bachelor party guests. You should have no problem finding a great hotel at a price comfortable to you all. Do a little online shopping, but book well ahead. That is your big warning. If you wait until rather close to the Manhattan bachelor party weekend, you could have a problem. There are many hotels, but there's also constant demand. Of course let's note too, even if all the bachelor party goers in your group are local, you may be shopping for a hotel suite for the night so that some can crash there after the evening's bachelor party frenzy to avoid danger of drinking and driving. * FIND MANHATTAN BACHELOR PARTY ROOMS IN NYC, NEW YORK CITY * locations, clubs, venues, places, spaces.


    If a hotel is needed, once you have found the right hotel for your group its time to plan action for the evening of the Manhattan Bachelor Party itself.. And here's the thing, you can go trite, or trendy. The trite old skool kind of worn path way is dinner somewhere then a couple hours at one of the NYC Manhattan Strip Clubs. Only problem is, they see you coming before you even decide to go (LOL). In other words they are out to suck you into heavy credit card drop, make you spend way more than you should on an over-priced evening, and basically soak you. That's their bachelor party business model. They are built for that and the Manhattan Strippers staff plus wait staff is trained to do it.


    Conversely, the trendy, new wave option, the edgy and wilder way to fly these days, is actually more cost safe, cost efficient, and more fun. Its a private NYC Manhattan bachelor party outside of any club, either at your hotel room, or in a party bus. Yup you heard right a Manhattan bachelor party on wheels.


    * Call 917-449-2727 *


    The key provider of this modern-style adult entertainment private party fun is - Centerfold Stars 'Strip Club To Go'. Let's talk about a Manhattan hotel room adult party first. As long as you provide the guys, a good suite, some good snacking food and drink, the bachelor party will ignite when revved up NYC Manhattan Strippers arrive because they are world class stunning (all are Centerfold nude models), and they perform for your New York City Bachelor Party more uninhibitedly than they would at any club. These private scene NYC strippers do naked friction lap dancing, roasting the bachelor with fun and games, and - explicit girl on girl lesbian show. Plus they convey a genuine attitude of flirtatious friendliness. The ambiance will light up with zest, sensuality, kicked up excitement, humor & fun. Its way better than any NYC Manhattan strip club. These Manhattan strippers are sexier, the interaction is wilder.


    Now if you choose to and want to spend the extra buckos, you can do this NYC Manhattan bachelor party on wheels as you romp about Manhattan in a Strip Club To Go, a luxurious tricked out niteclub on wheels, a roomy Party Bus (various sizes available to fit any groups size. If its a small group get a super stretch limo). Also - if you want a packaged nite (Wicked Pub Crawl or Sexy Club Crawl so to speak), which includes open bar ticket at multi venues, great dinner to start the evening, and the rolling party with strippers in the bus, your own private Manhattan bachelor party room on wheels), this kind of package, deal is offered. *FIND MANHATTAN BACHELOR PARTY ROOMS IN NYC*


    Call now to learn more or, text a couple questions. CENTERFOLD STARS is also known by a few additional logos. Its a famous service, you may have heard of 'Striptease To Go', 'Centerfold Strippers' 'Models to Go' 'Metro Parties' or 'Centerfolds To Go'. Its a famous and highly noted service. Providing NYC female strippers or NYC male strippers for parties (yes male dancers for the ladies' bachelorette party also available). -- CENTERFOLD STARS - commended by Penthouse and Playboy.


    Text or talk now, here is the number -- 917-449-2727 --- Courteous bachelor party / event planning help is on the phone line free 11am-9pm daily.


    Of course a reminder.... The New York City "tri state" metro area encompasses New York City proper, Long Island - Nassau County, Fairfield Country Connecticut, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx - Riverdale, North Jersey (New Jersey NJ) all of the State of New Jersey, and Atlantic City. AC is an entertainment destination town, and we will go to any or all of these places for you, or with you on a party bus. ASK ABOUT IT. So if you are planning a party outside of Manhattan NYC we will take care of you. You simply discovered us on this webpage which is focused on Manhattan. But certainly we go region wide.


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